Password Protect Folder and File
  • File Secure Free uses military standard AES encryption algorithm, nobody can get access into the folder which is locked with password by this tool.
  • Any format files can be encrypted, no matter they are documents, photos, temporary files, programs or database.
  • Both folder and file can be password protected.
  • Encrypt and decrypt file and folder with simple clicks.
Password Protect USB Drive
  • Password lock USB flash drives, nobody can break it.
  • With our tool password protection, you will no need to worry out any data loss from USB drive.
  • Plug in the USB and set your own password, then it is inaccessible without password. So easy to use.
File Shredder to Delete Confidential Files Permanently
  • Many files you delete may still exist in system as they are not removed physically, this is why we need file shredder function to delete unwanted files permanently.
  • Use military-grade shredding algorithms. It completely wipes deleted data using various shredding patterns so there is no trace of critical data left.
File Backup to Keep Your Material Safe
  • Backup your personal data in a safe location, by creating a backup image file (comprises of DFI file extension).
  • Both creating the backup image and recovering your data from the image file.
  • Really easy to use, just set what file you want to backup and the destination to store, then File Secure Free will do the rest for you.
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" File Secure Free is an impressive roster of capabilities for a freeware utility. It's a great tool for users who want solid, straightforward data protection but don't want to invest any money into it. "
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