Backup important files

For individual file, click "Add Files" and then click "backup" to start. For many files, you can create a folder and put all the files into this folder, then click "Add Folder" to backup.

If you want to recover the files, browse for the image file and set the destination path, then click "recover" button, then it will be recovered.

Encrypt important files

For individual file, click “Add Files” to select your file, then input password to encrypt it. For the folder, click “Add Folder” to select your folder, then input password to encrypt it.  You can decrypt the file and folder the same way by entering the password.

Shred unwanted files

For unwanted files that you want to destroy, click “Add Files” or “ Add Folder” to select your file or folder, then click “Shred” to delete all the files permanently and nobody can recover. We support five different techniques, Gutmann algorithm, Erase and write random data, National Safety Association Standard, United States Military Standard and North Atlantic Treaty Organization Standard, all of which can be selected from the drop down menu at the bottom.

Lock up USB and External drives

To lock USB drives or external drives, just plug-in your drive, choose the drive and click "lock" to enter the password to lock the drive. To unlock certain drive, you need to enter the right password, and then click "unlock".  

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" File Secure Free is an impressive roster of capabilities for a freeware utility. It's a great tool for users who want solid, straightforward data protection but don't want to invest any money into it. "
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